on the road again / elizabethcraneswartz.comtwice a week (except in this ridiculous weather when games are canceled) I drive to western connecticut and back to see the girls. it's close to six hours round trip if there's no traffic which means plenty of 'free' time. I mentioned in the fall how I was enjoying the ride more because I'd finally found audiobooks but now I'm on to podcasts and I kinda can't wait to hit the road. I was pretty late to the whole serial phenomenon but that worked out better for me because I got to binge listen to the whole series. here's some of my new favorites:

here's the thing with alec baldwin -

  • he sits down with artists, policy makers and performers.
  • listen to:  julie andrews, ira glass and lorne michaels. oh and I heard brian williams before his shaming and I liked it but I wonder now...

WTF with marc maron -

  • it's not actually comedians telling jokes but marc, a comedian himself, sits down with other comedians and you get to hear all the good stuff. that is, after marc finishes 15-20 minutes of talking about who knows what.
  • listen to:  kathy griffin, jim gaffigan and louis c.k. (but I have so many to listen to since I just found this)

off the cuff (the hollywood reporter)-

  • you can pick and choose here on what you might like to listen to. interesting conversations with actors, directors, etc in hollywood.
  • if you're a fan of lena dunham's girls then you might like girls on girls where they recap/discuss each episode
  • listen to: dealers choice but one of THE BEST podcasts EVER is the song nominees summit which is a conversation with all of this year's oscar nominated song writers. unbelievable. (interview transcript here)

you had to be there -

  • I haven't actually listened to any of these yet (they're cued up for this weekend) but I'm excited to start because of this: "comedians nikki glaser and sara schaefer invite one comedian, one musician, and a small audience of friends to hang out in sara's apartment in brooklyn."
  • (planning to) listen to: kyle kinane and janeane garofalo are at the top of my list

I've enjoyed wait wait... don't tell me! and stuff you should know as well and I've tried to get into this american life but sometimes I find myself daydreaming instead of listening so I tend to search the archives for interesting topics or people first. (david sedaris is a favorite)

so what are you listening to?