DIWhy didn't I do this sooner?


lampshade makeover / elizabethcraneswartz.comas you can tell by the look on fenway's face, she's wondering the same thing. why did I wait so long to tackle this ridiculously easy nightstand improvement project? elizabethcraneswartz.comhere's the thing - my bedroom isn't your typical master bedroom. it sits above our three car garage which makes it, shall we say, not very cozy. I guess a rug would help but how big and how much would that cost me? (side note: I don't like that dingy blue chaise at the end of the bed but it's there because we had it in our old basement and I was hoping more furniture would make the room feel less large. that and fenway needs it to get up onto the bed.) add to that the smallest nightstand lamps ever (reading in bed was impossible) and it just became this overwhelming project that's sometimes easier to ignore.lampshade makeover / elizabethcraneswartz.comI was in NYC in 2011 and I picked up two yards of gorgeous, reversible french 'espadrille' fabric from les toiles du soleil. I never had a plan for the fabric because it's only 20" wide but knew that I'd come up with something. and then three years ago, while on vacation in costa rica, I noticed these gorgeous lamps in the hotel restaurant and I knew my espadrille fabric would work. I also knew that I'd need significantly larger lamps to pull it off so periodically I'd swing thru homegoods and see what they had but never found anything I liked. I will admit that I was pretty half-assed about it.lampshade makeover / elizabethcraneswartz.com a couple of weeks ago I was perusing wayfair's table lamp selection and instantly loved this gray abbeyson lamp so I threw two in my cart and checked out. they showed up yesterday and all that was left was to decide which way I wanted the fabric to sit (it's the same piece of fabric above, just flipped) so I sent my mother, sister and my aunt the photo above for a quick poll and it was unanimous - purple stripe at the top. lampshade makeover / elizabethcraneswartz.comlampshade makeover / elizabethcraneswartz.comlampshade makeover / elizabethcraneswartz.com

I will admit that this project was made significantly easier because the fabric is striped and I made sure to use drum shades with the same opening dimension at the top and bottom (14"). because the shade is only 11" tall and the fabric is 20" I used a rotary cutter (over a plastic cutting board) and a quilting ruler to trim the fabric to almost 12". I used the seam on the shade as my starting point and hot glued the fabric across that edge. I found that working in 3-4 " increments was easiest - running a bead of hot glue on each side of the fabric, rolling the shade over, pressing gently and waiting before moving on to the next section. my plan was to wrap the extra over the lip of the shade but this particular fabric doesn't really fray so I left the extra (as you can see above) but I might change my mind. because I can.

does this make sense?

anyhoo - I cannot believe that I've lived for six years in this room with inadequate lighting and I find it even harder to believe it's taken me this long to do a project that literally took 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES!lampshade makeover / elizabethcraneswartz.com

ugh. the room still needs help. whatever.

next on my craftass to do list is filling this blank space with some art. another thing I've put off for years. lampshade makeover / elizabethcraneswartz.com

PS - if you're wondering, the trim is standard issue sherwin williams bright white and the walls are sherwin williams 'steamed milk' but I cut it with 50% white. I can't remember the name of the purple I used in the built-ins but I know I have it somewhere. the nightstands are old pottery barn, the dingy chaise is from the crate & barrel outlet years ago and the bed is ancient.