silkscreen 101

silkscreen class at artisan's asylum / eizabethcraneswartz.comthis class was on my 2015 adventure list. I signed up back in january but this winter-that-wouldn't-end almost prevented the whole thing from happening. finally the april 4 class was a go and I spent the day at artisan's asylum in somerville learning how to silkscreen. silkscreen class at artisan's asylum / eizabethcraneswartz.comfirst, a little bit about the enormous space for "hobbyists, artists & entrepreneurs" - you can rent storage space for your stuff and work in the shared workshop areas (like the print shop) or you can rent studio space to make whatever it is you're in to. (like this boat) or you can become a member, be trained and certified to use certain equipment through classes or individual training with a wide variety of membership levels. and the possibilities are endless with a wood shop, welding shop, computer lab (with 3D printer), machine shop, bike shop, jewelry & lamp work shop etc etc etc.

is your head spinning yet?silkscreen class at artisan's asylum / eizabethcraneswartz.comthis is eric, the instructor for our group of five. he prepped the screens for everyone before class started. two of us were printing on paper and the other three were printing on tshirts. while the technique is pretty much the same it requires a little more finesse working with fabric so I was glad I was starting with paper. my idea is to silkscreen this year's holiday card art but I haven't yet come up with a design so when eric requested we email our artwork two nights before the class I whipped up a quick tree in photoshop with my wacom bamboo tablet.silkscreen class at artisan's asylum / eizabethcraneswartz.comsilkscreen class at artisan's asylum / eizabethcraneswartz.comone of the classes I took in college as an art major was silkscreen so I understood the general gist but eric was so patient and detailed that I realized I remembered almost nothing about the process.

silkscreen class at artisan's asylum / eizabethcraneswartz.comthis is jodi colella watching eric 'flood' my screen before printing. four of us had lunch together in union square and jodi told us about her six weeks in a remote village in china as an artist in residence, her mixed media work and the fascinating story behind her screen artwork - a rubbing of the window in her cottage that looked like lace. she was printing onto handmade paper and 1960's chinese propaganda magazine pages. she was then planning to embroider several sections of the screen print onto more paper. she gave me some great ideas about the possibilities for cart art.silkscreen class at artisan's asylum /

another woman I had lunch with was liz collins. she works in advertizing and her boyfriend works for runkeeper and together they created an app called mixtura and she designed these shirts. their app is pretty clever - "make drinks with what you have" meaning it'll tell you all the possible cocktails you can make with what you have on your bar cart. now if someone could make me an app that'll do the same thing but for dinner based on what's in my fridge and cabinets I'd be all set.silkscreen class at artisan's asylum /

ta dah! I whipped up twenty of these as cards and it'll be nice to have something around the holidays to add to a hostess gift or for a quick note. I'm really stumped now that I know how it all works as to what I want for this year's card art. I've complained every year that I can't find the right components to make my ideas work so now it's time I did something about it. I also need to be super organized with my calendar to make sure I allow enough time to print. no more waiting until december 22.silkscreen class at artisan's asylum /

I'm hoping to take a jewelry making class next. anyone interested in joining me?