in my closet, shoe edition

halogen wedge sandals / elizabethcraneswartz.comI've been asking lulu to blog more - I enjoy reading and I think other people would, too. and then abby reminded me that the last time I posted was two weeks ago so I had no business asking someone else to post if I haven't. so... I thought you'd like to know about these wedge sandals I just bought. abby, lulu and I were at a very fun photo shoot yesterday (more on that later) and the hostess was wearing these 'clarette' suede sandals by halogen and they looked stunning. so great that I had abby pull them up on her phone and a few clicks later they were mine. technically, I justified this purchased as an 'ours' because we all wear the same shoe size but let's remember whose credit card was used. by no means earth shattering stuff here but sharing is caring.