this is 47

this is 47 / elizabethcraneswartz.comta dah! it's me, a little older but just as sassy. Bob and the kids got me a super fancy big girl camera for my birthday and I had Abby take a few photos to mark the two occasions.  as you can tell I got all dressed up. this is 47 / elizabethcraneswartz.comI joke! this is actually my uniform. the pieces vary only slightly - striped tee (this one's old from H&M), white tee, or black turtleneck with distressed denim (the cheaper, the better - these are old american eagle), 'nice' denim, white jeans or black pants. easy right? throw on a fabulous necklace and voila!

this is 47 / elizabethcraneswartz.comthese are my favorite shoes right now and I'm tempted to pick up them up in black, too.  they're super comfortable and go with absolutely everything. seriously.

this is 47 / so this standing on a loading dock/loitering in an alley business wasn't too painful so maybe I'll post a few more outfit / personal style pics here on the blog. maybe?

I've got a badass camera so once the kids go back to school I'll just need a little help from a friend - I'll take your picture if you take mine?