scenes from the weekend / we survived halloween. technically it's not that hard to do - the kids are all away at school and our house is situated at the top of a very long driveway, on a very dark street so it's pretty quiet. upside/downside is that there's no candy to hand out or to binge on. also, fenway met a corgi dressed as a crocodile (alligator?) named george and the girls cranked out a huge victory. scenes from the weekend /

bob and I dressed up for our saturday morning spin and crushed it. both getups are from target - mine's considered underwear/pajamas and his is athletic wear but I can't find links. scenes from the weekend /

speaking of spinning, my local studio rev'd opened a second studio at patriot place in foxboro and I was invited to the pre-opening party and I brought my fab friend amanda (who wrote a kickass post on blogging/page views). it was such a freezing thrill to spin outside overlooking gillette stadium and I'm so thankful to have found my new fitness jam. let's be honest, a fitness jam in general.scenes from the weekend /

jury's still out on whether or not I'll survive the end of daylight saving time this year. I eased into it on sunday by brunching with a couple of friends at new-to-me bernard's in chestnut hill's 'the street' area. it was my first dim sum and it won't be my last. here's hoping we all get our fill of vitamin D this winter.