card art '15 again, our cards didn't make into the US postal service system until the day after christmas. truthfully the cards were all assembled and the envelopes addressed/stamped - it was the photo that hung me up. just like last year, here is my disclaimer: at this point those that are on the receiving end of these handmade cards should have them in their hot little hands. tough luck if you’re seeing this for the first time here because you haven’t been collecting your mail while vacationing somewhere on a tropical island with a fruity drink in your hot little hands.card art '15 / elizabethcraneswartz.comcard art '15 / elizabethcraneswartz.coma few fun facts:

  • this year I found 5.5" square blank cards
  • but... walgreens doesn't offer a 4" x 4" photo anymore *sad trombone*
  • once again, I addressed envelopes first to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into
  • once again, both of my girls were a HUGE help with the envelopes
  • I used my standard shades of green card stock, rubber cement & double stick tape
  • there were only 3 steps to assemble the card
  • I usually have 5-6 steps so it went much faster this year
  • it's the first time I've ever made a 3D card
  • this is also the first year there's no red on the card
  • that bothers me but I couldn't figure out how to add it without using a bird again
  • I've used a red bird on 2 other cards (2010 and 2013)
  • pro tip: FedEx has fabulous paper cutters that you can use for free
  • jack's 7 month old kitten was a real nuisance in every step of this process

card art '15 / elizabethcraneswartz.comI know I said I was going to try silkscreening my card art this year but I had some serious time management issues with a few things going on this fall. I LOVED the silkscreen class I took and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a refresher but I haven't given up hope on making it happen. next year...card art '15 / elizabethcraneswartz.comcard art '15 /

and a favorite outtake:card art '15 /

(card art from christmases past: 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014)