good news / bad news (otherwise known as: lately) good news: we sold our house bad news: we have to pack up/donate/sell/trash all our crap

to clarify - we're not MOVING moving, we're just downsizing and staying in the boston area. we don't have any plans right now except to squeeze into a condo (and a rented storage space) for the winter and see what comes on the market in the spring. the kids aren't too thrilled about the whole thing but for at least 50% of the year it's just me and fenway rattling around in the house which is silly. and last year's winter was brutal and it's impossible for me to handle on my own when Bob travels.

not that this blog hasn't been sparse for the last few weeks (months?) but it'll definitely be even quieter until mid-to-late february. (although we do have a boondoggle coming up so I might have to share that.) also, the shop will lie fallow until some unknown date when I have space to unpack my paint and make. maybe when all the dust settles I'll post some pictures/stories about building our house and some finished shots. that is if I can keep track of my external hard drive in this move.

you could always follow along on instagram or my snapchat nonsense (👻 @fenwayfotos) ...