etsy popup shop

felted bucket bag / elizabethcraneswartz.comthis sleepy etsy shop of mine never fails to amaze me. the day before we physically moved out of the house I got a notification that this sweet bucket bag had sold. every single time I get an email or notification from either my shop or this etsy popup I read it wrong and panic because I think someone used my paypal to buy something. it wasn't until I logged in to etsy on my computer that I realized that I wasn't charged, I was CREDITED! anyhoo... I rescued it from my quasi-organized knitting boxes and packaged it up and sent it on its way to oregon. I also rescued a few skeins of yarn because knitting is the perfect way to get my creative fix in without all the mess in our apartment. I'll let you know if I list any more bags but this gem is still waiting for a good home.