in my closet


H&M striped dress / I'M BAAAAAACCKK!!! and it feels good.

a little PSA to start things off - I konmari-ed* the shit out of my closet (really the entire house) for this move and it's so nice to finally see all the things I love to wear. like stripes. I found this striped dress at H&M this winter and it's perfect - a little stretch, super soft and just the right length (I'm 5'4" so it hits me about 2 inches above the knee which I prefer.) it'll be great in the spring but I'm enjoying it now with my camo jacket thrown over it or a button down underneath. it's been gone from the stores so I was surprised to see it still available on their site. (and on sale!!) grab one here.

*I haven't read her book because everyone who has read it posts the basic gist of it so I feel like I'm good. besides, downsizing from 5000 sqft to 1300 sqft is basically the same kind of exercise.