in my closet

j crew factory men's shirt / I wouldn't call this life changing information by any stretch but I thought I'd pass along this tidbit - I like wearing men's dress shirts better than women's. especially from j.crew. I like the fit and fabric better even thought they're a little bit longer and I feel like the button placement is smarter. what I mean is, with women's dress shirts having the top two buttons undone isn't enough but three buttons gives out way too much information. with the men's shirts, the top two buttons undone is just right. (I'm including the top neck button in this math)

you literally can't tell the difference between the regular j.crew and the j.crew factory shirts so I buy them at j.crew factory when they're on sale. (which is basically always. like now.) and sometimes I'll buy the M instead of the S and wear it as a coverup at the beach.

now you know.