in my studio / this is the entirety of my studio at the moment. I literally packed everything up except what you see here and the findings to make one more necklace. it was weird to clean it up, weed out the old paint & random findings and put it all in a box.

do I miss it? not really. that's a little scary to admit but if I'm being honest, it's been pretty hard to maintain lately and I've felt very half-assed about it ever since the hello sessions in october of last year. (which reminds me, I never wrote a post about that conference and that only emphasizes my half-assery point) to be fair, I knew this move was coming up and until recently, everything in my life has felt overwhelming. this was the easiest piece to let go especially since I have zero space for it in the apartment we're renting.

but just to be clear - my shop is still open with everything I have in stock so if you see something you like hit me up.

PS - the flowers were my party favor from the sip & script fun. almost a week later and they're still going strong.