out on a school night with #sipandscript

sip-&-script- / elizabethcraneswartz.com our closing date was february 10 and we were moving ourselves, entirely by ourselves, so I knew I had to put the kibosh on all the fun boston blogger happenings and social get-togethers. sad but true. when I heard about julie and meg, of sip & script, hosting a night of champagne & calligraphy (get it? sip and script? genius.) and it was happening the day AFTER we closed and my self-imposed social timeout I signed up immediately.sip & script / elizabethcraneswartz.com

I work in harvard square so getting to somerville's warehouse XI was super easy after work last week and I was blown away by the space. sip-&-script / elizabethcraneswartz.com sip-&-script-5especially the way wanderlush boston (mobile drinkery = new favorite slogan) had decorated the all-white venue with a wall of carnations, giant paper heart and pretty posies running the length of our work space from bloom floral design. and those never ending beautiful presecco drinks with the rose garnish? yeah...sip-&-script / elizabethcraneswartz.com

after snacking and sipping we got to work. meg & julie spent some time explaining what we were working with and how to make things happen so we cracked open our note pads and dipped our nibs. we were to practice lines and marks to get used to the two different nibs. sip-&-script / elizabethcraneswartz.comsip-&-script / elizabethcraneswartz.com I can say that I had two semesters of calligraphy in college but it was a very old-school, technical calligraphy and not the current trend of more free-style 'hand lettering' but none of that mattered. it was fun to watch everyone at the table come into their own technique and it was super helpful to have meg & julie walk around and work with us individually, give pointers, howtos and feedback. sip-&-script / elizabethcraneswartz.com sip-&-script / elizabethcraneswartz.com

I was stunned when over two hours had flown by. I'm no where near being wedding-envelope-ready but I tried my hand at a few valentines for my kids and I'm pretty proud of my progress. (I told them the spatter means it's handmade) I'm thinking this might be a neat thing to add to my #cardart16 but don't hold your breath...sip-&-script / elizabethcraneswartz.com

and that giant wall heart? it's made up of paper bowties.

thank you to warehouse xi, wanderlush boston, bloom floral design, shop the street and of course - meg and julie for a fabulous evening of sip and script! make sure to follow @sipandscript on instagram to learn about the when and where of their next event!