kane's donuts / a few things:

  • the girls have been home for the first half of their spring break and it's been great
  • we head to florida this week for the second half of their spring break and we can't wait!
  • the girls have over three weeks off for spring break - it's ridiculous
  • jack spent his spring break at school and working - good for him but we missed him
  • daylight saving time is THE BEST TIME and it happened this weekend.
  • the girls and I had fun supporting our friend alex and her marathon run (#seealexrun)
  • and I can't forget to mention my sweet friend amanda and her 'yoga reaches out' fundraiser
  • we also tested out kane's donuts (above) and gave them multiple thumbs up
  • I feel like testing donuts isn't a bad gig to have
  • know any good donut places in florida?