spring break 2016: what's in my bag

what's in my bag / elizabethcraneswartz.com

photo by abby

so here's what I wore for our zero dark thirty flight out of boston:

what's in my bag / elizabethcraneswartz.com

  • I wore the pants again for a couple nice dinners out and again on the plane home
  • tshirts are a no brainer - I packed 4 from the gap (white, black & striped)
  • the turtleneck was a great extra layer when the weather was sketchy
  • the blazer came in handy like the pants
  • the espadrilles, especially in black, go with everything and feel like slippers

what's in my bag / elizabethcraneswartz.com

pardon the squidgy self-timer photo

I don't go anywhere without my trusty white jcrew factory jeans and this great gap striped henley. abby (on the left) is wearing her chambray madewell top with jcrew white chino shorts and lulu (on the right) is wearing all jcrew  - a white dress shirt and last summer's patterned shorts.

also in my bag:

  • these loft shorts in black and white
  • these striped zara shorts that are incredibly comfortable
  • black gap long sleeve - I love their tshirts
  • swim stuff (details coming soon-ish)
  • a couple sets of workout clothes
  • under things obviously
  • a baseball hat and a wide brimmed hat for the pool

what's in my bag / elizabethcraneswartz.com

as for shoes:

  • these malta sandals from jcrew are A+ (gold and tan shown above)
  • sneakers for working out
  • flipflops for the pool
  • heeled sandals that I've had forever but these are similar

what's in my bag / elizabethcraneswartz.com

all this for ten days. we knew we'd have access to a washer and dryer which made things easier but I probably would've only added one or two more things if we hadn't. the flip flops, gold sandals and espadrilles all pack flat and I make sure to bring crushable/packable hats. I always use underwear/swimsuits to fill in around shoes and the bottom and don't be afraid to roll your clothes - it helps with space and prevents wrinkles.

and lastly, a little advice from moi:

carry on your luggage. 

always. the only time we check our bags is when there's a liquid issue like sunscreen. but on this particular trip we had a global entry appointment in miami for the girls and we didn't want to risk any baggage claim delays so we carried on and bought our sun supplies on the way to the hotel.

dress in layers for your flight.

always. because it's cold, then hot, then cold and the temperature can swing 30-40 degrees between your departure city and your destination. plus, it's less stuff in your suitcase.

keep it simple with your wardrobe.

I'm certainly not the first person to tell you this but from the looks of things, and the size of suitcases, at the airport it bears repeating. unless there's a big event that calls for something special there's no reason to pack like you have no idea what your plans might be. we knew we'd live in swimsuits by the pool, casual clothes for shopping/exploring, workout gear and a few nice dinners out. easy peasy.