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spring break 2016 books /

spring break 2016 books /

I'm combining books from my trip to mexico in january and this spring break trip to florida but as always, you can find these and others over on goodreads. I'd love to hear what books you've loved lately. or even the books you didn't love. here goes:

the lake house (kate morton): I will read anything by kate morton and she never disappoints with her families filled with secrets and mysteries spanning decades. (if you're curious, my favorite of hers is the forgotten garden.)

pretty girls (karin slaughter): "a sophisticated and chilling psychological thriller" and a great page turner.

brain on fire: my month of madness (susannah cahalan):  another woman on our boondoggle finished this paperback and offered it to me. I'm not a big non-fiction reader but this was fascinating and susannah tells a great story and explains the medical and psychological jargon in great layman's terms.

the forgetting time (sharon guskin): if you loved the movie "the sixth sense" or the book "the lovely bones" then I highly recommend this "equal parts a mystery and a testament to the profound connection between a child and parent." I read it almost entirely in one afternoon.

pretty baby (mary kubica): I love a good psychological thriller but this ain't one of them. the only reason I finished it was because I kept hoping for it to redeem itself. it didn't.

northern light (jennifer donnelly): this reminded me of 'the boston girl' which reminded me of 'a tree grows in brooklyn' and I enjoyed them all for the same reasons - I love the young, independent, strong female characters and their stories.

the great wide sea (m.h. herlong): "a gripping tale of adventure, survival, and the bonds of brotherhood" - I love a good YA book with a little suspense. oh, and don't forget your tissues.

the new neighbor  (leah stewart): I'm adding this only to say that I started it on the first trip and couldn't get into it. I tried to start it again on this trip and then finally gave myself permission to let it go. I don't have any specific complaints other than it's a slow start and I wasn't into sticking it out.