card art 16


holiday cards / if you follow along on snapchat or instagram you've seen snippets and sneak peeks of my holiday card process. once again I'm getting a really late start on things and I can't even take a picture of the kids until jack gets in tomorrow but come hell or high water these cards will go out before december 31st.

I'm often asked why I bother or "why not just order cards?" but I've been making our christmas cards by hand since the 1995 and I have no intention of stopping. there are years where the idea comes early and others not until 2 weeks before christmas. some years the idea is there but either the execution doesn't come together the way I want or I'm in way over my head with the process. I actually have favorites and this year is shaping up to be in my top 5.

what's your holiday card process? I'll show you mine if you show me yours...