elizabeth crane swartz

elizabeth crane swartz

just checking in. I felt like I needed to regroup because it's only a few weeks until christmas and I'm not ready. truthfully I'm never ready but I feel like this year I'm at an all-time, non-holiday low and I fully blame still being in an apartment without any of our usual christmas flare. oh - and I haven't even started this year's card art.

in an effort to turn things around I thought it might help if I list a few things that I'm feeling good about:

  • headed to my second holiday party this weekend

  • and I'm wearing my sparkly kimono again!

  • also up this weekend is a two-day oil painting class at R.I.S.D.

  • which means I get to go art supply shopping!

  • super close to being done with holiday shopping

  • started an amaryllis bulb over thanksgiving and the little sprout is already turning green

  • my crappy nails are finally not crappy anymore - it only took three months to grow out the damage from so many back-to-back gel manicures

  • these two sweet handmade bowls I won in a silent auction at abby's school. they're perfectly imperfect

there. you know, glass half full and all.