oil painting workshop at RISD


once upon a time in high school (in 1985 😳 ) I was enrolled in a six week Graphic Design RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) summer program and it was heaven. in college, I had to take a Painting class and a 2D Design class as part of my BS of Art degree and while I wouldn't call it heaven I definitely learned a lot. I love painting wooden beads but I recently started to feel like I wanted to try my hand at something bigger. much bigger. so last fall, on a lark, I looked up 'continuing ed' programs at RISD and there was a 2-day class called 'Oil Painting Workshop: Composition + Spatial Strategies' in december and I made it my christmas present to myself. it sounded a little more ambitious than I was prepared for (and I might've had more fun shopping for art supplies than a body aught to) but it said it was for all levels and I liked that it was contained to a weekend with a refresher on the basics. there are some incredible classes offered but run one weeknight over six weeks and that's hard to commit to.I will say this: it was hard but... so worth it. and by hard I mean that I was self-conscious and tense and it wasn't until a college friend replied to a snapchat telling me to not give a shit that I relaxed and had fun.

in addition to the paints and brushes, we had to bring a cloth to drape, up to five objects, and a light source for a still life. (why I picked a dying yellow leaf I have no idea - I can't stand the color yellow. also, why I brought one of my white, iron stone pitchers is beyond me - as soon as I set it up, I remembered how hard it is to paint white objects. yeah... so I 'whipped up' a quick under painting to see if it all worked, then a small abstract and then just went for it.

by the end of the two days I had two mediocre paintings and a HUGe appreciation for painting, composition and people who do this for a living. I'm not quitting my day job any time soon.

I'm also incredibly proud of myself. so - anyone want to sign up for a course with me??