we moved! again!


elizabethcraneswartz.comwe sold our house almost a year ago with no real plan other than to downsize and see what might happen next. what we didn't anticipate was a job change and a move to a new state. fortunately it was just 35 miles away to the cute little state next door. we went back and forth on whether to rent in the city of Providence or find a home to buy near the shore. truthfully we'd grown accustomed to living maintenance-free and the idea of buying a house and going back to worrying about clogged gutters, shoveling, leaky basements etcetera was more than we wanted to handle. we found a three bedroom in downtown Providence with sweet views of the state house, hard wood floors and huge windows. and the ability to walk to whatever our hearts desired.

elizabethcraneswartz.comwe had to push our move up because of 18" of snow which made the whole process a little harder than it needed to be but now that we're in, we're loving it. I can't wait to explore and we'd love all the restaurant and bar recommendations you've got. then, when the weather gets nice (someday...) we're going to go to on a million different day trips to all the coastal towns. someone's still not too sure about this whole city living. or moving.