card art 17


full disclosure: I wrote this post over a year late.

cardart 17 was a struggle not only because I was laid up after my foot surgery and had to do all my supply sourcing online, but because I was completely uninspired. like I had zero ideas so by the time I figured it all out, I was way behind schedule. I had to order a variety of thick stacks of striped paper because I couldn't tell online which shade of red, or which stripe thickness, would be best to work with the green ribbon, etc. etc.

once I sorted out the design, I trimmed the large 12" square paper to smaller, 2.5" x 3" rectangles but to add another degree of difficulty, I wanted the stripes to run diagonally. needless to say I got real friendly with the guy at the fedex office place while I cut my 60 sheets on their industrial paper cutter.

I cut the ribbon into 9" lengths, wrapped it around the striped paper and tied it like a gift. I swore I wasn't going to use rubber cement again but it was the easiest adhesive with the least amount of mess. I had already written the inside of the card so there were low risks of drinking wine while working.

some fun facts about this year's work:

  • not only did I address envelopes first, I finally digitized my address book!
  • I still hand wrote the envelopes
  • the card was sent horizontal but it works both ways
  • I needed the girls to help again because I was so behind schedule
  • there were only 4 steps in the process - cut paper, cut ribbon, tie ribbon, glue to card
  • #cardart16 was mostly red with a green ribbon but I really didn't like the green striped paper so it's kind of repeat
  • this card is probably #3 on my 'least favorite designs' list
  • #cardart13 is my least favorite ever.

positioned in the lower left corner for a little interest

the better gift was on the inside 👇🏻

just to push the timeline even further, this was taken on christmas eve.

(card art from holidays past: 2011, 2012, 20132014,  2015 and 2016)