new year, new me, big plans

IMG_9855.jpg once my father launched his challenge to us all last summer, I started wondering if I could find a way to make things again. I spent the fall and winter fantasizing and then a couple of weeks ago I found an email in my inbox letting me know that yes, there's studio space available at mad dog artist studios.

I consulted with my personal board of advisors, did a little math magic and listened to my heart and said YES! it's 120 square feet of light filled studio space in a warehouse a few miles from our apartment, in a building filled with 48 other creative people. there's even a huge open shared space where you can borrow tools and learn from the community of artist members.

I signed the papers and picked up my key on tuesday. I need to sort out a work surface and some storage because when I cleaned up the studio space in our old house I added my makeshift studio furniture to our yard sale. I can't wait to rescue all my supplies from storage and start making things!! I've got a bunch of new necklace ideas, some earrings and bracelets I'd love to try and there's a giant white wall begging for some painting.

even my new key chain from abby is excited about it all!