I've worked remotely for the last two years but commuted down to new haven on mondays. I'm not a morning person so it's hard for me to get up and make that early train. on top of that, I have an irrational fear of falling asleep and missing my train stop. on the way home, getting up early makes for a sleepy ride in the afternoon and a nap would mess up my sleep schedule for days. what to do? for me, the only way to stay awake on both routes is to look out the window and take pictures. the amtrak line, from providence to new haven, runs along the sea coast and it's gorgeous. the crud on the window makes things pretty squidgy but if you find a clean spot and take advantage of the light, you can get some pretty great shots. I've lumped together on instagram with the hashtag #windowseatsneverdisappoint but here are some of my favorites:

there've been some incredible mornings with fog.

a fun game I play with myself is to try to grab a shot in the same place.

in the winter when it gets lighter early and darker early, there are some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

I won't miss the early departure time but I'll definitely miss these train rides when my job ends. I'll close this post out with my favorite window seat photo of all time: