studio update


I've been slowly updating my new studio - getting things out of storage and figuring out what I still need. I sold my original setup after we sold our house. they were makeshift things from IKEA that I never really liked and I knew if I set myself up again, I was going to want a better things.

the first order of business was figuring out a huge, white work surface that would double as a backdrop for photos. and I wanted something I could move around the space so wheels were a must. I picked up this solid core door from home depot and 4 of these legs with casters from IKEA - it all worked out to be $120 for a HUGE 80" x 30" surface. I painted it a white eggshell finish so if it gets messy, I can easily paint over it. I thought about an IKEA desktop but it wasn't big enough and it's hard to paint over a laminate finish.

my original desk chair (in the left corner) is a really good one but unfortunately it's not made for a standard 27" high table so I still need to figure out something to sit on. we had the IKEA armchair chair and slipcover in storage and there's plenty of room for it if I have visitors (please visit!!). I rescued this sweet fiddle leaf plant from home depot and so far we both love the light in this space.

I still have some unpacking and setting up to do but this is the disaster on the other side of the studio. we 'donated' my two storage shelves to jack when he moved to north carolina so I need to figure something out. I really liked them but I'm tempted to see what I can find at the office furniture salvage place here.

the late afternoon light is so good and the sunsets aren't bad either.