studio update

IMG_2243.jpg four trips to home depot, three trips to IKEA, two trips to the storage unit, one gallon of white paint and my studio is done. I've been aiming for the last week of march as a goal to be completely set up and just to add a little extra push, I booked erin mcginn to come take photos of the space, my work and me. *gulp*

I've gotten better at taking photos of my work but I've never had photos of me actually working so this was a treat. I was hoping to have more work 'in progress' to photograph but between the multiple supply and furniture trips, hiccups with the workspace plan and a nasty cough and cold, it slowed me down. I had to fake a few 'in progress' beads but erin was incredibly helpful coming up with ideas for content shots (a newsletter is my big plan!) and I'm already thinking of photos I'd like to have taken in the fall. and I'll be WAY less nervous next time.