card art 18


pilfering green paint chips like it was my job

cardart 18 will go down as my very favorite cardart ever. it's heavy on the green but I don't care because the idea came to me way back in october, I thoroughly enjoyed every piece of the process and I was so excited to send it out.


I try to keep my process to 4 steps, occasionally I'll go to 5 but this year's card? I actually have no idea how many steps in my process. do I count all the Lowe's and Home Depots I hit up over the course of 2 weeks to swipe paint chips? I mean, I used three different sized hole punches, on at least twelve shades of green, to make fifteen circles for each card. I used two kinds of adhesive - and not rubber cement!


I even used the scraps from cardart 17 to make tiny embellishments.


so. many. circles.


let's see if I can break it all down:

  • there are six 1.5" circles, four (or five) 1" circles, four .75" circles and seven tiny hole punch circles on each card

  • to streamline the system, I punched and made stacks of 25 in each color so I wasn't 'designing' each card

  • I used sticky 'dots' to affix the circles and raised 'dots' on select few to add some dimension

  • the tiny dots were stuck on using a glue pen

  • now that I've been using my creative brain for most of 2018 I was jammed with ideas and figured out #cardart19 AND #cardart20!

  • for the first time in six years, I didn't need the girls help because I was organized and had a schedule


I made sure to finish up jewelry projects just before thanksgiving so I could spend the following week, or two, just making cardart. it was so nice being able to spread out and leave things at the end of each day.



the only thing that slowed me down this year was the kids' photo. I had one from over thanksgiving but they didn't love it so I had jack come by after work once the girls were home for christmas break for a second try. even though the cards were held up waiting for a photo, they still went out before christmas!!!!


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