hey there! my hope with this lately thing is to check in weekly and share what I’ve been working on, like a recap of sorts, for you to enjoy but mostly so I can remember. 😬

  • working on my line sheet thanks to brittany, my business nanny

  • adding to my list of squarespace questions for my web guru, brittanny

  • planning out photos I need/want for this month’s session with my photographer, brittanny

  • spending time trying to get my hip pain sorted out so I can get back to spin. it’s been 2 months since my last class 😫

  • listening to four true crime podcasts: To Live and Die in LA, Unravel, Over My Dead Body and my favorite, Root of Evil.

sweet  fenway  looking forward to the weekend.

sweet fenway looking forward to the weekend.

that’s all I’ve got.