back to school: pastel drawing

newport art museum pastel class.jpg

when I found my studio space last year, one of the things I was hoping to work on, in addition to my jewelry, was painting and experimenting with colors.

I’d taken an oil painting workshop a few years ago but ultimately felt like it was more work / mess than I liked. I’ve also gone to a few figure drawing sessions and that was a great exercise in stretching muscles I haven’t used in forever.

newport art museum pastel drawing class.jpg

my friend Barb asked if I wanted to take a pastel class with her through the Newport Art Museum school and I jumped at the chance. I’ve never used pastels before and while it requires some drawing (which I still struggle with) it also involves a lot of loose gestures like painting. it’s a really interesting combination and kind of forgiving which I love.

newport art museum pastel drawing class.jpeg

I’m headed back this morning for the second (of five) classes and I’m really excited to see what happens next, who knows - maybe I’ll be adding original fine art to my shop??

london plane tree ecs paints

here’s the photo I chose to draw

still life of london plane tree leaves and seed pod