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elizabeth crane swartz jewelry

I’ve been a little consumed with pink & orange. but you already know this. we’ve talked about it before.

kelly golightly posted this molly moorkamp pink shift dress last fall and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. obviously I love the colors and that collar is pretty amazing but I didn’t love the price.

TA DAH!! presenting the    abby cluster necklace   !

TA DAH!! presenting the abby cluster necklace!

check it out! I figured out a way to get a similar look, and while it’s not that much less expensive, it’s certainly more versatile. it’s the perfect summer accessory - throw it on with a t-shirt or top your favorite summer sundress and transform your look.

abby cluster necklace

I tried out several different versions of the colors on the beads:

pink with two shades of orange (too labor intensive), pale orange with light pink (not enough contrast), and finally bubble gum pink on one side and flame orange on the other. et voila!

it’s listed in the shop so have at it!

my mind is reeling with all the color possibilities but black & white will be the next colorway because it’s been on my to do list.