jane bib necklace

jane bib necklace

from 200.00

this necklace features hand painted wooden beads with colorful combinations. their placement within the necklace are carefully chosen to play off of each other. as you move, the discs rotate and the patterns change creating endless variations.

  • both necklaces measure approx 19" in length with a 9" drop

  • extended necklace carries the beads higher but lays the same

  • discs measure 25mm and 30mm

  • 14k gold filled spacer beads, chain and 'ball & socket' clasp.

Please Note:

* your necklace may vary slightly from the one shown - while the colors and process are the same, each piece is hand painted and the patterns random so therefore truly unique.

* my hand painted items are always sealed and protected. they are water-resistant but not water-proof.

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