have you ever done one of those #100day projects? I’ve always been daunted by a daily practice and hate the idea of failure so I’ve been a cheerleader for others, consumed their content and then envied the growth. this year I’ve decided I’m not going to sit it out and came up with a looser challenge to ease into creating new rituals.

enter the #52weekchallenge! (a couple of weeks late)


I knew I needed to create some kind of structure since I have a pretty good inventory of my hand painted jewelry from over-working this past fall/holiday 🙄. I also know I didn’t get to use my pastels nearly enough. or really at all.

so here’s how I’d like to spend the next 52 weeks:

  • paint a self portrait in pastel
  • choose one color each month and paint a color study of sorts with that one color
  • write two blog posts each week. dealers choice on subjects but it will hopefully create a pattern
  • work on, and launch, one newsletter each month

I’ve already blocked recurring time on my calendar for each ‘task’ and will adjust as I create more workflow or as things come up. I’m also open to creating more guidelines (these are pretty broad) as the weeks pass but I feel like this is just enough structure with room for grace. and who doesn’t need a little grace?


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