this is the first year, since 1999, that I don’t have anyone starting school. there are no more new backpacks, no new school supplies, and no more moving into a dorm. honestly, it’s really nice to have labor day weekend as an actual long weekend and not family chaos.
BACK TO SCHOOL PLANSI’ve decided this year to take that ‘back to school’ energy and focus on me. I’ve signed up for my usual ‘painting with passion’ tuesday afternoon painting workshop at the Providence Art Club but I’ve leveled up and signed up for a tuesday morning ‘painting the landscape’ workshop. it’s going to be a FULL day devoted to working on my oil painting.BACK TO SCHOOL PLANSand I’m so excited about my nantucket basket-making class! in a few weeks! I found gray mist studio a couple of years ago and I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. I even put myself on a vintage basket buying moratorium until I made my own.

ALSO! I’m really looking forward to the New England Coastal Creative conference at the end of september. it’s happening in newport, RI, and is jam-packed with really creative speakers. that I know a bunch of people going is such a relief, too because I won’t have to be ‘on’ for 48 hours and can just catch up and be myself.

check out my IG stories on tuesdays for painting workshop nonsense and I’ll be sure to recap my basket class. what do you have going on this fall? anything you’re really looking forward to?BACK TO SCHOOL PLANS

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