back to school season

september will always have that 'back to school' feeling but with new art supplies instead of notebooks and pencils. okay fine, notebooks always end up in my bag.

I'm ready to start up in my tuesday painting workshops again and I have so many ideas for new jewelry pieces. maybe even some earrings again???

dahlias in a white vase in a white art studio
I still have some work to do in my new studio but it's coming together nicely and it's big enough that I don't have to clean up one mess to start another. the plywood floors need a finish coat of white paint, the entry/stairwell is embarrassing, and I really need to figure out a better system for my painted beads. until I come up with something that works, I threw some of my flat beads in my new 8" acrylic tray

I'm especially ready to launch some beautiful new needlepoint designs and color ways. hoping this back to school energy sticks around for awhile.

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