over the last couple of years, I’ve taken a few workshops and classes and they’ve been a huge help in getting me out of a creative rut and also creating a sense of community. I mean, I took a pastel painting class with a friend just because I was curious and now it’s an integral part of my art ‘toolbox’. only good can come out of trying new things.

I took a weekend-long oil painting class at RISD in 2016, pastel painting in 2019, and once quarantine things eased up a bit, I joined a weekly painting workshop/critique last fall at the Providence Art Club. I went into that, like the other classes, thinking I was going to feel inadequate and ill-prepared but the exact opposite happened. which I knew would happen but imposter syndrome is no joke.


I’ve signed up for three more art classes this year and I’m equal parts excited and nervous. I’m having a little trouble managing my time between needlepoint orders, trying out new ideas, and getting to the homework but so far I’m really enjoying myself.

first up this month is a virtual abstract painting class through the continuing education program at RISD. (with actual grades!) I do think I’d get more out of it all if it was in-person but it’s been really interesting. I don’t love the “post your work to moodle and then comment on three other artists’ work by friday” but I like the instructor, the material, and going outside my comfort zone with different mediums.


next up is another virtual RISD continuing ed class - surface pattern design. I have no idea what to expect and I’m not exactly known for being tech-savvy so it should be interesting. as the course description explains:

Lessons focus on how-to and workflow methods between analog and digital design, as students create patterns, craft colorways and make design decisions based on their own personal aesthetic. Visualizing these designs on any three-dimensional object, be it ceramics, furniture, apparel or an entire room interior, is the exciting final step. Students share their prints and digital rendering with the class for a final critique.

it’s been so cool seeing my ideas and patterns in needlepoint and I’d love to see where else this can go.


and for shits and giggles, I’m back for another in-person painting workshop at the same time downtown at PAC. at least with the workshop, there’s no homework. it’s just show up with a photo you’d like to paint, spend three hours figuring it out with a little guidance and a critique at the end.

how do you stay creative?



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