we knew when we bought the house a couple of years ago that she’d need to be repainted in a few years but when we replaced the front porch decking this spring (we could poke a finger through a couple of slats 😳) it uncovered a few other areas of concern. we decided that sooner was better than later and got on a painter’s summer list.HOUSE UPDATE!I desperately needed help choosing colors so I bought a NIX sensor to carry around the city with me when I walked. happy to answer questions about it but I’d give it a 3.5 / 5 stars - it doesn’t hold a charge very long and the colors it comes back with aren’t reliable matches to paint store colors. it worked well enough that it helped me narrow down color families.HOUSE UPDATE!I bought some samples of the dark teal I was interested and tested them the shade and in full sun - some were too blue, some too light. but Mallard Green by Benjamin Moore was a clear winner when I got it on the house. I was content to paint the entire house that color but Bob thought it would be interesting to have a lighter shade on the third floor which has different shaped shingles. I also went with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White for all the trim and Black Iron for accents. (I have no idea what the front door is because I had them match the existing paint.)HOUSE UPDATE!it was all kinds of crazy looking when the painters were patching and priming and we had a huge number of people walking by ask us, and the painters, if that electric blue color was staying. honestly, I was a little worried about honoring the style and period of the house without being too historically ‘accurate’.

the last decision we had to make was on the large decorative panel on the north side of the house. I wanted to freshen up the flowers so I found a raspberry pink that matches the crepe myrtle at the front porch and I used a more leafy green than the house color for the vines. there’s part of a signature carved into the panel but I can’t make it out enough to research.HOUSE UPDATE!TA DAH!!! we’re so incredibly happy with the way the house turned out. and based on the comments from so many people walking by, it’s a hit and neighbood approved. I can’t wait to see it with the giant maple in full fall colors and dressed up for the holidays.


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