IN MY CLOSETphoto by Brittanny Taylor / rainbow top and skirt by 4kinship / caroline necklace & bracelets by me

I hired my friend, Brittanny Taylor, take some studio shots for an instagram takeover I had coming up and wanted to get some photos of this INCREDIBLE top and skirt I bought from 4Kinship earlier this year.


4kinship’s response was very “when they go low, we go high”, and way classier than I would’ve handled it. in addition to being “inspired” by their designs, they asked anthro to be inspired to give back and support their diné skate park project.

I have no idea if anthro stepped up and donated but they did take the rainbow pieces down off their site. I was determined to put my money into the brand so I donated to their cause and quickly grabbed these amazing pieces.


Bob was excited as I was to try it on.

IN MY CLOSETI mean… how fabulous are these pieces??? / photo by Brittanny Taylor
IN MY CLOSETphoto by Brittanny Taylor
IN MY CLOSETok last one / photo by Brittanny Taylor

the pieces are amazing together but equally fabulous when mixed with other pieces in my closet. the top is perfect with high waisted jeans and I love pairing the skirt with a simple white tshirt or button down.

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