meet deirdre!

technically you already know deirdre - she's been a favorite jewelry collection for awhile now. I've been trying to figure out a way to translate those colors into my needlepoint design but have struggled trying to find the right neutral shades in threads. 

 over the last 18 months I've been in so many beautiful needlepoint shops and each time I visit a new-to-me place, I spent time checking out their selection of gray/grey fibers. shout out to the shop owners who patiently answered mhy questions and let me make a mess of their fiber walls.

I knew I could paint the "right" colors but if I couldn't offer the "right" threads then this color way wasn't going to happen.

I've tried all the standards, a few hard to find brands and I *think* I've figured it out. obviously people can stitch this any way they please - and I love when they do! - I just needed to find a starting place. 

I'm starting with an eyeglass / crossbody insert and a 7" x 9" clutch design and I've got a few other sizes queued up for later this year. 

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