my favorite threads - an ongoing list
I’ve been at this needlepoint game for all of 9 months but in that short time, I’ve amassed an impressive thread stash. I just can’t help myself. in my defense, having a big selection makes a huge difference when choosing which colors to put next to each other and the subtle variations can change everything.

I love mixing colors when hand painting beads for my necklaces but I found it was easier to keep the colors simple when painting needlepoint canvases. then when I stitch, I have multiple shades of each color to choose from and end to make color changes as I go. (these container store trays are ideal to be able to see all my options side by side.)

I’ve only purchased a few other artist’s needlepoint canvas and found it really helpful when they’ve included thread suggestions and wanted to do something similar. since I have SO MANY colors, I thought it might be easier to just put it all in one place.
admiring my stitch-finished lumbar pillow before sending off to be finished
dealer’s choice on which black thread and which white thread you work with but in each canvas listing, I mention that I use Silk & Ivory color #111 / Pink Lemonade for my backgrounds. this way, I can use a true white for the black & white beads and they stand out. (bottom right-most image below)

for the rest? I made a google doc with all the threads I’ve used and loved which you can find here (or click on the last image). I’m planning to update this list as I try new fibers and hopefully I can finish my post of great color pairings for my painted bead canvases.

my favorite fibers for needlepoint
click here for threadlist

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