I’m on my way back from Dallas after my first needlepoint wholesale market and I’m really excited for you all to get these new designs in your hot, little hands. check with your local needlepoint shop (LNS) to see if they stopped by and picked up some canvases (so many new shops!!) and if you don’t have an LNS, these beauties will all be available to shop here, in my online store, starting Wednesday, October 19.

new canvas designs
new canvas designs
new canvas designs

so many strap possibilities!
I’ve added a libby colorway as a 2” bag strap and I re-designed the libby belt so it’s in keeping with the other designs. and in addition to all the square, glyph canvases I’ve got an ‘alphabelt'. genius, right?

next up are new abby designs - an eyeglass case and a clutch. these used to be part of my collection but they were due for a refresh. I can’t wait to stitch one up!

new canvas designs
new canvas designs
new canvas designs

whenever I post the shades of green pillow I made for my mom last year I get so many questions about when I’ll have something like it available. well, I’m starting small with these color family, 5” squares. another easy stash-buster and you can have them finished as coasters, use in the self-finishing jewelry boxes or a fabulous acrylic tray.

and I could start a line of 5” squares without adding one in the lulu colorway? no.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting but it’ll all be live and ready to shop starting wednesday. each of the 5” squares are pre-orders and will ship in December. and a few of the tried and true favorites will also be back in stock in December.

and don’t forget to check with your local shop!

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  • Rosa Blanco

    Hi Elizabeth!
    Love your designs!
    Would it be possible to have a black/white customized square ,(5 inches?),including my favorite initials and numbers? I am interested in stitching and attaching to the back of a blue Jean jacket.
    Thank you!

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