I did it! I actually followed through on a promise to myself and completed an online art “challenge”.

the parameters for Melissa Doty’s #squareathon challenge on instagram were pretty simple. she offered 3 prompts for each day and called it ‘artist’s choice’ so you could incorporate all three prompts or one. I also liked that I knew the entire schedule before it even kicked off.

I created some of my own ‘rules’ to keep it simple:

  • work in my sketchbook
  • 4.5” square taped off
  • spend no more than 5 minutes
  • use only quick-dry materials (pen, watercolor, crayon, etc)
  • no tearing out pages and starting over!

I admit there were days where I did two or even three pieces because I knew my schedule wouldn’t cooperate. I learned that I don’t really have a ‘style’ yet and that’s okay. I learned that drawing isn’t my thing (not new information) and that it really is all about the colors and layering. it’ll be interesting to see how this affects/informs my paintings going forward but I know that I’ll be incorporating some kind of quick sketchbook art into each week because I like structure.


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