now that my tuesday painting workshop is in full swing again, it’s time to make some space in my studio. and I need to clear out some flat file space because I’ve got new needlepoint designs launching next month. so… it’s your lucky day on monday, february 6 at 10:00a eastern standard time! I have a stack of paintings that are either quick studies or full paintings but they need to live a better life on someone else’s wall.

also, I’ve been stockpiling my painted needlepoint canvases that have splotches of random paint or actual mistakes that I’ve tried to paint over.

I thought it might be fun to offer these gems up for sale at a discounted price - none of the defects in the needlepoint ‘seconds’ actually affect the stitching or finishing it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable selling them at full price. to save myself a little time, I’ve listed the canvas design and the quantity rather than photographing each canvas and its flaws.

you can find all the available paintings and the ‘seconds’ needlepoint canvases under ‘fine art’ because I’m fancy like that. prices as marked, all sales final and happy shopping!!

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