so somehow it’s one week until Thanksgiving and only 5 weeks until Christmas?!

I’ve been working towards the last few events / shopportunities™️ of the year and time just keeps whizzing by. last year I only had two things going and made mental notes about what else I could do this year. and even as I feel like I’ve taken on a little more than I can handle this holiday season, I’ve got bigger ideas for 2020 - not more events, etc just better planned and executed. for starters - get my act together over the summer.

speaking of shopportunities™️, if you’re free on Tuesday, December 3 or Wednesday, December 4 come see me at the guesthouse in Hingham, MA! I’ll be there both days with a few other brands and I’ll have my hand-painted necklaces, bracelets, my new-fangled hanging doodads, and more!

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