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I’ve been consuming murdery podcasts while I paint for a long time now. I can’t listen to music while doing really detailed work (like stitch painting needlepoint canvases!) and prefer stories where I can half listen. I thought it might be helpful if I shared my current (and past) binges in hopes you might return the favor?

in no particular order, with a really short description of some podcasts I can remember liking:
  • Gone South unsolved murder mystery from 1987 of a prominent female prosecutor
  • American Girls a interesting look at the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders history
  • Believe Her a maddening story of when the domestic abuse victim becomes the criminal
  • The Yellow Car a woman spent decades trying to find the person who killed her mother
  • Blame three seasons of three different murder investigations in Colorado
  • Where is George Gibney? the search to find a former Irish Olympic swim coach who never stood trial for child sexual abuse
  • Canary Washington Post investigates the sexual assaults of two women separated by decades
  • The Village two seasons - the murder of gay men in Toronto and two trans women
and here are a few podcasts with weekly-ish episodes I really look forward to:
  • Swindled fascinating stories of corruption and deceit
  • The 11th varied and interesting stories, released on the 11th of each month
  • Heavyweight (spotify only) funny, touching episodes where the host helps people go back and fix/right/amend/resolve parts of their pasts
  • Crime Show (spotify only) “stories about people. and sometimes crime.”
so… what’ve you been listening to?

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