LATELYphoto by Brittanny Taylor

it’s the first weekend in a while that we’re home and it’s nice not to have any plans other than easter with Bob’s family on sunday. it was also a pretty low-key week so I offer you, in no particular order, my recent style finds and faves:

I think I finally found a chambray shirt. I have strict criteria in my button down shirts - it has to be slightly fitted, not slim and not boxy. the collar has to be able to stand up on its own even if I don’t plan on wearing it that way. and of course the chambray-ness has to be just right - not too washed out and not too dark. this lighter one, is pretty great, too. (the white button down I’m wearing above is a ‘frank’ from frank & eileen. it’s $$$ but also 💥)

I have these wide leg cropped everlane pants in ivory (I wore them here) and I grabbed them in black this week when they were offering them for $15 off. they’re incredibly comfortable and just the right amount of stretch. even better? I can throw them in the wash and dryer with zero worries.

I ordered a cute dress from tallulah & poppy in natural metallic linen and I can’t wait to see how it looks. it reminded me of the metallic linen pieces from j.crew SS09. I still have my blazer, shorts and cap-sleeve top and they still look great.

I’m not giving up on my jumpsuit/coveralls/boilersuit idea. I think I need to try this one in green!


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