libby & caroline necklace
libby & caroline necklace
libby & caroline necklace

libby & caroline necklace

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this hand painted necklace is a twist on the original libby necklace and is a colorful and unique piece to elevate your everyday style. it features shades of green and yellow with graphic black & white wooden beads in a colorful mix of unexpected patterns strung on a coordinating gingham ribbon.

the beads measure 17" in length but the ribbon makes it easy to wear it as long or as short as you'd like.

Please Note:

* your piece may vary slightly from the one shown - while the colors and process are the same, each piece is hand-painted and the patterns random so therefore truly unique.

* hand-painted items are always sealed and protected. they are water-resistant but not water-proof.

this is the unique and original creation of elizabeth crane swartz designs™️ and owned by seagrass studio LLC.

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