on my list of things I signed up for in my ‘continuing education’ plan was a virtual surface design class through RISD. I have a plan to cover everything that’ll sit still with my ‘beads’.


we worked in photoshop and illustrator to create patterns and the repeats but I couldn’t figure out how to create the beads. one of the things I learned using procreate when making my card art ‘20 was a brush preset in the shape of a half circle. I uploaded the shape to photoshop, made copies, changed the colors and ‘stuck’ them together. the hardest part was figuring out the placement to make a nice repeat.

ta dah!!!

I was inspired by my hand painted flat bead necklaces and wanted to make something like my needlepoint designs. there’s no shortage of fun things to make but I wanted to start with a phone case and a beach towel but when I was poking around I saw a bathing suit option and couldn’t resist.


I was worried about how the bathing suit would work out - would the dots stretch out of shape? would there be dots in conspicuous places? - but it’s kinda cute. it’s not something I think I’ll offer since the quality is kinda meh but the phone cases and towels are so cute! you can find both in the shop under ‘fine art’ because I didn’t know where else to put them. maybe I should spend some time and update the tabs/categories in the shop so I have room for everything!!


I have a few other ideas brewing but can’t share yet but let me know if there’s something that should be plastered with some #ecspaints beads!

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